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Are you a DJ?


Are you a DJ ? Send us your DJ sets and we can promote them for FREE on our station!

Your mix SHOULD:

NOT have any mixing mistakes (we accept amateurs but a little common sense goes a long way);
NOT have acapellas like “promo mix by dj..” or “dj .. in the mix”; We will promote your guest mix and your name on our social platforms
have a 1 hour duration, +/- 2 minutes, to fit just right in our timetable.
be recorded at a reasonable audio level, preferably -2dB. Let our compressor do the work, don’t send us a distorted mix.
be AT LEAST 192kbps, and the sample rate 44.1 kHz /16 bit.
be uploaded on a file hosting site such as krakenfiles.com or any other drive service (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)

If you feel like you meet the criteria above, send us an email at contact@edmplay.net, in which you tell us your DJ name, where you’re from, a little bit about your music career, about you (hobbies, occupation, etc.), the name of your mix (DJ XYZ – YourDJ Set’ , DJ X – October Promo Mix), tracklist of it, and last but not least, the link where we can download your mix.

The e-mails which don’t correspond with our criteria will be dismissed immediately. Read carefully!